Welcome to the BUILT Furniture blog.  A place for us to share a little bit about ourselves and what we do on the daily.

There is a huge amount of interest and intrigue and in some instances a push for Australian made and locally produced timber furniture in Australia generally, but particularly here in Adelaide, which is super exciting for South Australian manufacturers and consumers alike. Many of the people we speak to are passionate about supporting local and love the idea that when they do this they know exactly who is making their furniture and have the ability to be involved directly with the makers throughout the consultation and manufacturing process.

Adelaide manufacturers are not only being utilized in the residential sector but also through architects and designers, who are using locally manufactured pieces to add truly bespoke and original ideas to their projects. The fact that these pieces are designed and made locally is a talking point amongst the end users and does wonders for local industry.

Whilst we have the opportunity to meet many people in our showroom, we don’t get the chance to meet everyone, so are hoping to bring more of our work to you through this blog.  We are excited about what and how we do what we do and love to meet and share our work with the many people who share our love for solid timber furniture. Through the blog you will get a behind the scenes look at our manufacturing and showroom headquarters, and an in depth look at interesting projects we have completed recently and in the past. We will also share our knowledge around all things timber and how we like to work so you can understand what makes us, well… BUILT.

So let’s start by introducing the team at BUILT.

If you haven’t met us, we are a small but well oiled team of 4 with our showroom and factory located in Queenstown, Adelaide, or Port Adelaide as the area is most often referred to.  The team is made up of 3 fully qualified furniture makers, Tim and Tom, who spend their days constructing furniture and personally delivering their masterpieces once completed. Scott, who is also a qualified furniture manufacturer, is our managing director and showroom contact and Nykita who takes care of design and communication from behind the scenes.

We are a family owned and operated business, with a long history in the Port Adelaide area, and we treasure our furniture makers and customers as if they are part of the family.

Scott built the business from the floor up in 2012 after completing his trade and constructing timber furniture here in Adelaide from 2003. In the beginning it was just Scott, some basic tools and machinery and a vision to create a furniture business he could be proud of whilst keeping manufacturing alive and well in Adelaide.

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In 2012 with the business in its infancy and with a penchant for design, Nykita began a journey to complete a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration.

At this time, we were a small (almost) husband and wife team who had a perfectly matched set of skills and an amazing opportunity to build the business up to what it is today.

We started with a strong client focus and a passion for solid timber furniture, which became the foundation on which the business was built. It is the reason we have such a passion for personally working with our clients to produce pieces that are BUILT to be loved and enjoyed with family and friends for many years to come.


In 2018 we welcomed our first child and we couldn’t be prouder of our finest creation yet!

During this time, we decided to open our showroom by appointment only to ensure we are able to continue providing personalized, 1 on 1 time with clients who wish to view the showroom and tour our on site manufacturing facility whilst discussing their requirements with the people who are making their pieces.

So welcome again to the BUILT Furniture blog and to the BUILT family.

We will keep you updated on our socials when there is a new blog post on the website, but if you’re not following our socials keep an eye on our blog tab for monthly posts. We have lots that we would love to share with you on the horizon but let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see or hear more about and we will go into more detail through the blog.


Regards from the team at BUILT.