Canyon Dining Table

The Canyon table – your ultimate ticket to the heart of California’s desert modern charm! This dining table isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a bold statement inspired by the rugged allure of a Californian canyon. Chunky, sturdy, and appropriately angled, it captures the spirit of the outdoors right in your dining space. What makes the Canyon truly special? It’s tabletop boasts a distinct profile that showcases the unique end grain of each timber piece, visible at all times while using the table, adding a touch of nature’s artistry to your dining experience.

Makai Bedside

The Makai bedside table is the ultimate bedside companion that redefines the art of bedroom storage! Crafted from sturdy solid timber, these bedside wonders are personality-packed pieces with the bedside manner of no other.

Our tables come with a generous shelf and a single dovetail drawer to ensure your overnight essentials have a home.

Comes standard with a Blum soft close runner with your choice of a hidden finger pull or our buttery Choc Brownie handles.